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Italy engagement photographer

Michele Crimi photographer - FOTOGRAFO MATRIMONI CATANIA

If you know me, you'll know that I not only shoot amazing weddings and elopements, but I'm also an Italy engagement photographer! Picture this: you're finally on a lovely couple trip with your boo and can't wait to make memories together in one of the most amazing countries of all... You'll probably snap like a thousand photos of every incredible place you'll see, and too often will have to ask strangers to take a picture of you two here and there. Have you ever thought about hiring an Italy engagement photographer instead? Whether it be your engagement, surprise proposal, anniversary, honeymoon, a gift to your boo or just a couple photoshoot to have amazing pictures to show everyone once back home, I'd love to capture some memories of you on your Italian trip!

Couple photoshoot in Italy

Hiring an Italian professional photographer for your engagement/couple photoshoot is such a great idea for so many reasons: not only you won't have to worry about taking selfies anymore, but you'll also have a local guide who will help you planning the best photoshoot route (including all of the best spots, especially the most secret and unknown ones!). Could you imagine a more authentic Italian experience? If a relaxed and dynamic photoshoot in Italy sounds exciting to you, scrivetemi!!

Michele Crimi photographer - FOTOGRAFO MATRIMONI CATANIA

Siete Pronti?

I'd love to be your Italy destination wedding photographer!

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